Omega-3 Fish Oils

Omega-3 Natural OilsOmega-3 marine essential fatty acids (EFAs) are linked to many health benefits associated with cardiovascular health and cognitive function. Scoular’s integrated supply chain and attention to quality systems allows manufacturers to source a variety of healthy fish oils rich in Omega-3 that are well-suited for use in dietary supplements and health foods.

Romega_webRomega Herring Caviar Oil Phospholipids

From the cold, clear waters of Norway comes a new source of desired Omega-3 rich phospholipids. DHA-potent Romega™ is sourced from choice herring caviar, gently purified, and available year-round. Use Romega™ to restore natural balance to the body and as a daily cornerstone of your good health.
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Natural Fish Oils

Omega-3 Natural fish oils are very popular and affordable for those who want to supplement their diet with EPA&DHA. Scoular’s natural fish oils meet or exceed the GOED standards for quality and are available with a variety of product-enhancing options.
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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil HandoutScoular works with fisheries certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council to provide Wild Alaskan Salmon oil. Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is well-known for its Omega-3 and antioxidant health benefits, and also has naturally low levels of impurities due to the clean, pristine environment of Alaskan coastal waters.
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Concentrated Omega-3 EPA & DHA fish oils
OmegaSol logoScoular’s specialty triglyceride concentrates offer EPA & DHA concentrates with the highest triglyceride purity levels in the industry. These concentrates are molecularly distilled and produced under tight quality control systems to ensure that the delivered product has a neutral odor and taste useful in food and dietary supplement manufacturing.

Custom formulas of Omega-3 blends and concentrates are available for higher volume opportunities. We also have the unique opportunity to manage the supply chain and offer concentrated products as OU Kosher.


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