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At Scoular, we are the number one Identity-Preserved grain supplier in North America.  Since we manage the entire process from seed to delivery, we are able to confidently IP our non-GMO and organic soy ingredients.

IP Soybean IngredientsThe Scoular Company’s food ingredient business has expanded its product offering to include new innovative soy ingredients for manufacturers of functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Scoular IP Soybean Ingredients

  • Lunasin XP
    Lunasin XP
    Lunasin XP® is a patented bioactive soy peptide extract that supports cardiovascular health. Research suggests that it may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. This chromatin-binding peptide has been shown to inhibit HMG-CoA reductase expression and increase LDL cholesterol receptor expression. Lunasin XP® has functional applications in dietary supplement, beverage, and food industries, and may be used as a fortifier in soy protein isolate blends.
    To learn more about Lunasin XP®, view our handout.
  • Lunasin SI
    Lunasin SITM Soya Protein Isolate is a unique and novel Soya Protein Isolate with defined levels of the bioactive soy peptide Lunasin. Lunasin is believed to be one of the most important phytonutrients in soya and has been extensively researched in the areas of cardiovascular support and inflammation. Lunasin is a chromatin binding peptide which has been shown to inhibit HMG-CoA reductates expression and increases LDL cholesterol receptor expression.
    To learn more about Lunasin SI®, view our handout.
  • LunaSoy
    LunaSoy is an economic, functional soy ingredient designed to enhance the nutritional profile of products currently using soy powders. It may also be used as an alternative to wheat and glutinous grains in bakery applications. LunaSoy™ is a finely-ground soy complex that contains 4 times the amount of the bioactive peptide, Lunasin, on a gram-per-gram basis versus soy protein isolate.
    To learn more about LunaSoy, view our handout.
  • Soy Protein Isolate

    90% protein (dry basis). Healthy solution for gluten-free and low-carb formulations, coupled with heart healthy benefits of 25 grams of soya protein per day.
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  • Soy Balance

  • Soy Flour

  • Soybean Oil

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