Commitment to Industry


We realize that Scoular represents its industry in everything it does. We take that responsibility seriously and strive to set a very high standard for ourselves and others. We want to share our best practices with the industry to create a future that continuously improves upon the past.

We also know that the industry is much bigger than Scoular. We use our trade associations to help give us insight into the markets and operations we don’t directly touch. They are a resource that makes us a better company than we ever could be alone.

By sharing our knowledge and experience and learning from their extensive resources, we have forged a true partnership with industry associations.

How We Serve

Scoular people are active at all levels of many trade associations. We influence trade policy and trade practice, we volunteer to serve as arbitrators and trainers, and we co-sponsor public outreach programs and events.

While sharing our knowledge with our association partners and providing resources to assist them in their work, we also enjoy access to their expertise. They keep us up-to-date on regulatory matters, governmental action and initiatives and trade policy affecting our industry.

Where We Serve

Scoular participates in numerous domestic and international industry and trade associations. Some of them include:

Grain, Food & Feed Ingredients