Our Culture


At Scoular, we share understandings, beliefs and values that are important to us. Taken singly, they may not seem very unique. But collectively, they make Scoular what it is and make Scoular different from every other company. We think of Scoular as a community that gains its strength from these common elements, through the people that share them and everyday give freely of their education, experience, skill and spirit in pursuit of our common purposes.

What describes the Scoular community?

We seek individuals with exceptional potential. We encourage and reward individual creativity and talent, and give our people the authority to make decisions. Outstanding performance results in commensurate compensation and recognition.

We foster a productive and satisfying work environment to facilitate the attainment of personal and company goals, encouraging open communication at all levels of our organization and stimulating creativity and the unrestrained flow of new ideas.

We manage our businesses and respond to our people with the flexibility and foresight necessary to accommodate change. We continually seek and are receptive to new opportunities that are consistent with our culture and complement our objectives.

We conduct our affairs with unimpaired integrity. We have no tolerance, in ourselves or others, for conduct lacking in respect, integrity, commitment and honesty.