Male house finch on feeder

Bird feeding tips

Just like us humans, birds need food, water and habitat. The success of your wild bird feeding depends on the quality of these three essentials:


The more types of bird feed you offer, the greater variety of birds you will attract. It is clear that the greatest number of bird visits, and likely the least cost-per-visit, occurs when high-quality bird feed is used. While “cheap” bird food results in lower daily costs, the decreased amount of birds and increased cost-per-visit make it an undesirable option. 


Birds are attracted to water. They need it to drink, of course, but they are especially attracted to shallow dishes of water where they can bathe. A source of fresh, clean water can dramatically increase the number of wild birds you attract.


The key to having a rich, varied bird population is to maintain a variety of plants, shrubs and trees in the vicinity of the feeder where birds can nest and take cover from predators.