18:12 Fish Oil

Fish that 18:12 fish oil is derived from.

We can provide a highly sustainable supply of quality 18:12 fish oil from around the world.

The natural upwellings situated off the coast of Morocco and Peru offers a unique marine environment concentrated with nutrients and phytoplankton. Inhabiting one of the only four upwelling in the world, the native pelagic species thrive on the Omega-3 EPA- and DHA- rich phytoplankton, and in turn provide a rich source in our 18:12 fish oil.


  • Long chain Omega-3 fatty acid ratio of EPA to DHA is 18:12 
  • Processing entails neutralization, purification, bleaching, winterization, and deodorization
  • Rigorous sustainability management policy in place
  • Recognized by GOED, IFFO, and FOS 


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