What We Do

We supply key ingredients to aqua feed producers and find the best end-use markets for aqua ingredient producers around the world.

How We Do It Best

Product Variety & Expertise

We supply all types of marine proteins and fats, including fishmeal and fish oil, as well as other animal and vegetable proteins and fats, grains and grain byproducts, and specialized spray-dried ingredients to act as attractants and palatability enhancers. We share our product expertise with our customers to find the right ingredients for their needs.

Global Know-How

We source ingredients all over the world: Africa to Asia, North America to Australia and South America to Europe. Scoular operates fishmeal and fish oil warehouses in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.


For more than 50 years, our International Proteins Corporation (IPC) business has been in the aquaculture market. We understand the business from the inside out; in the past we’ve owned and operated shrimp and salmon farms, fish processing plants, fishing fleets and fishmeal and fish oil production plants around the globe.


Scoular is the largest fishmeal and fish oil marketing company in North America. Our size allows us to bridge the gaps between fishing seasons, maintaining a constant supply of quality ingredients at a fair market price. By doing so, we are able to reduce risk for fishmeal and fish oil producers as well as consumers.

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