Rail, Truck & Barge Transportation


What We Do

We coordinate logistics for shipping agricultural products by rail, truck or barge from Scoular-owned or third-party facilities to destinations across North America.

How We Do It Best


Many years of close attention to relationships with railroads has given us ease of access to railroads’ marketing and operations groups.

  • Shuttle Trains

    We have a commitment to developing our shuttle network in the United States and Mexico, with substantial investment in origin and destination shuttle facilities.

  • Equipment

    Because we have multiple facilities served by different rail carriers, we have the flexibility to position equipment where we need it, when we need it. We also operate a leased private car fleet to meet the transportation needs of our customers.

  • Volume

    We can commit to large numbers of rail cars through our participation in programs offered by Class I Railroads designed to position freight in the marketplace. And, we can break up these large blocks of railcars to which we’ve committed, sending cars where our customers need them most.


We have relationships with hundreds of trucking companies across North America, from large firms to one-man operations.

  • Backhauls
    Peak utilization is a top priority, ensuring that our trucks carry freight on both the initial trip and the return trip, whatever the destination.

  • Contracts
    We maintain ongoing transportation contracts with many large agricultural companies and several trucking companies, giving us access to trucking companies and product suppliers and end-users.


We operate barge loading facilities in Helena, AR and Guntersville, AL; and have the ability to arrange barge-loading throughput agreements in other locations.

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