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Employees of Scoular's Delta Facilities Pull Together During Great Flood of 2011

June 1, 2011

Omaha, NE–It was a spring to remember (or perhaps to try to forget) for employees at Scoular’s Mississippi Delta facilities.

On April 24, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Mississippi River Forecast Center posted information signaling a high water alert. The center anticipated that the river would rise 13.5 feet to a depth of 52.5 feet at Helena, Arkansas, where one of Scoular’s three river terminals is located.

On April 25, employees began a fast and furious effort to prepare for the impending flood. According to George Schieber, Scoular’s VP who oversees operations at the Delta facilities, “In just six days, our employees did a great job of working together to transfer grain to other storage facilities where it would be safe from the floodwaters and remove equipment from Old Town, Helena, and Friars Point.”

By the morning of May 4, the river stage at Helena was 49.5 feet, the tunnel under the Old Town facility was beginning to fill, and access roads to Old Town were underwater. Despite significant swamping at Old Town and Friars Point and a crest of 56.48 feet on May 12 at Helena, Scoular’s facilities survived. With wheat harvest just around the corner, cleaning and restoration became a top priority.

“It is a true testament to Scoular’s local crew and managers that business was back on track in time to meet the harvest rush that began on May 24.” said Schieber. “Our managers, Dustin Loseke and Chuck Ledbetter, did an outstanding job of providing leadership to the crews, and we thank everyone involved in the effort for their long hours and excellent work.”