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Scoular CEO Addresses Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City

March 6, 2008

Randy Linville Speaks On “Riding the Crest of Historic Opportunity”

KANSAS CITY, MO — On March 6, 2008, Randy Linville, CEO of The Scoular Company, spoke to approximately 70 members of the agribusiness community who gathered at the American Royal for a luncheon meeting of the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City. As the leader of a prominent North American agriculture commodity merchandising firm, Mr. Linville shared his perspective on the driving factors and trends behind what has become an extraordinary time of historic proportions for U.S. agriculture.

During his presentation entitled “Riding the Crest of Historic Opportunity,” Mr. Linville’s message to the audience was three-fold. He began his presentation with a review of the agriculture marketplace from the 1970’s to the present, highlighting the major influences and changes during each decade in tandem with Scoular’s response to the changing times. He then provided an overview of the factors that have driven current agricultural commodity markets to record highs, including changes in population, growing world economies, strong consumer demand, and the addition of fuel as a demand factor for agricultural commodities. And lastly, Mr. Linville identified four key trends that will shape the future of the agriculture commodity environment.

“Kansas City continues to be a wonderful agricultural hub “one of the best and strongest in the nation,” said Bob Petersen of the Agricultural Business Council. “The Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City is an advocate for agriculture and for economic growth in the region. We welcome the chance to highlight the region’s success stories and The Scoular Company is a prime example that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in agriculture and in Kansas City. Randy Linville and The Scoular Company are both nationally recognized entities, and we are proud of their accomplishments and proud to have their headquarters based in the Kansas City area.”

Mr. Linville, who offices in Scoular’s Overland Park corporate office, is a native of Holcomb, Kansas, and is a graduate of Kansas State University. He is nationally recognized in the grain industry, having just completed a two-year term as Chairman of the Commodity Markets Council (formerly known as the National Grain Trade Council).

The Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City is an association that advocates growth and awareness of the food, fiber, agri-science and related industries in the Kansas City region. Established in late 2003, the Council’s mission is to enhance greater understanding about this important industry by joining together Kansas and Missouri agricultural organizations, agribusinesses and other key leaders. This alliance includes more than 200 individuals, businesses and organizations associated with the extensive agricultural and food industry.