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Scoular Donates to Paxton Volunteer Fire Department

July 11, 2011

PAXTON, NE – The Paxton Volunteer Fire Department will soon be purchasing new equipment for grain entrapment and engulfment rescues, thanks to a donation from The Scoular Foundation. Ty Knispel, manager of The Scoular Company’s grain facility in Madrid, NE, presented the $5,500 check to the department today.

According to Purdue University’s 2010 “Summary of Grain Entrapments in the United States”, at least 51 entrapments occurred in 2010. Thirty-five occurred on farms and 16 at commercial grain facilities. Those associated with the study report it is likely that many more entrapments occur but go unreported.

Of the 51 reported entrapments, 26 were fatal. The report states it is believed that more victims may be surviving these incidents due to increased emphasis on safer confined space entry procedures, such as using an observer during confined space entry, as well as an increased emphasis on first responder training on grain entrapment extrication.

According to Knispel, the only surefire way to combat and prevent engulfment incidents is through proper safety training. And while Scoular maintains a long-standing commitment
to safety, Knispel acknowledges that accidents can happen. “It is nice to know that if those situations occur at any facility or elsewhere in our community, our local fire department crews will have the tools and training they need,” said Knispel. “If we contribute to that cause, to save lives, that’s what we want to do.”