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Scoular Improves Elevators in Minneapolis and Ada, KS

May 23, 2011

Increases Unloading Speed, Adds Capacity to Better Serve Customers

OMAHA, NE — For farmers harvesting their crops, time is money. With that in mind, The Scoular Company is focused on speeding things up for producers wanting to sell or store grain in Ada and Minneapolis, KS.

This month, Scoular will wrap up extensive improvement projects at its Minneapolis and Ada, KS, facilities. The projects have included the addition of new scales, truck probes, outbound scale ticket printers, and speedier unloading equipment at both locations as well as construction of a 1.1 million bushel storage bunker in Ada.

According to Seth Post, Manager of Scoular’s Ada and Minneapolis locations, the most attractive feature of the projects is speed. “We are excited about being able to dump a lot of grain in a fairly short amount of time, especially during harvest when our customers have better things to do than sit in line,” said Post.

Scoular worked with several local companies on the improvement projects, including Tasker Construction, Minneapolis, KS; Post Welding and Construction, Burns, KS; Industrial Maintenance, Wichita, KS; Ronnie Diehl Construction and Watson Electric, both of Salina, KS; and the City of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Improvements

Scoular constructed a new 80-foot scale and office on the northwest side of the elevator to improve the traffic flow in and out of the facility. A new truck probe and outbound scale ticket printer have been installed to keep trucks moving, and Scoular also has doubled the receiving capacity of the facility by upgrading equipment. Four new downspouts have been added to the west side of the facility to ensure that grain can be shipped out in a timely manner to allow room for more in-bound grain from area customers. The elevator previously had only one truck load-out spout, and it took approximately 30 minutes to load a truck. With its new set-up, Scoular can load a semi in about eight minutes.

Ada Improvements

The newly constructed 1.1 million bushel storage bunker has its own unloading area with a 15,000 bushel/hour capacity conveyor, allowing Scoular to dump trucks at both the bunker and the elevator. A 40-foot scale was replaced with one that is 70 feet in length, the truck probe was relocated to stage trucks, and an outbound scale ticket printer was installed, all with the goal of getting trucks weighed and unloaded quickly.

More about Scoular

For more information, including grain bids, producers may contact Seth Post or Pat Breeding in Minneapolis at (785) 392-3011.

The Minneapolis and Ada locations are part of Scoular’s North American grain marketing network, a portion of which includes strategic investment in the state of Kansas. Scoular operates eight Kansas grain elevators, including shuttle train loading facilities at Coolidge, Downs, Salina, and Wellington.

From more than 70 locations across North America, nearly 650 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for their customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients for use in feed, food and renewable fuel markets worldwide. For more information, visit