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Scoular Leaders Accept Board Positions with Industry Organizations

February 15, 2008

Todd McQueen Elected to TEGMA Board; Bob Ludington Accepts CMC Board Appointment

OVERLAND PARK, KS -Scoular’s Chief Operating Officer Bob Ludington of Overland Park, KS, and Senior Vice President Todd McQueen of Omaha, NE, attended the CMC/TEGMA Annual Meeting in Miami, FL, where over 115 participants chose from a program of outstanding speakers and took advantage of multiple networking opportunities. During the annual meeting, McQueen was elected Second Vice-Chairman by the TEGMA membership, and Ludington was appointed to a one-year term on the CMC Board for 2008.

CMC (Commodity Markets Council) advocates open, competitive commerce by combining the expertise, knowledge, and resources of its members to develop and support market-based policy. TEGMA (Transportation, Elevator and Grain Merchants Association) is a North American trade association that brings together railroads, global grain companies, shippers and receivers, ports, storage houses, inspection agencies, and others involved in the shipment of North American grain to customers all over the world.