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Scoular Named Exclusive Distributor for Sinoglory Soy Protein Isolate

September 28, 2009

OMAHA, NE (September 24, 2009), The Scoular Company announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Shandong Sinoglory Group Co., LTD, a Chinese manufacturer of soy protein isolate.

“We are very pleased to be Sinoglory’s exclusive distributor of soy protein isolate in the United States and Canada,” said John Messerich, Vice President of Operations who oversees Scoular’s food ingredients marketing group.

“Five years ago, we carefully selected Sinoglory to be our production partner because of their integrated approach from farm to finished product. We continue to be impressed with Sinoglory’s ability to produce a cost-effective, consistent-quality product for our food and nutrition end-users in the United States and Canada.”

Sinoglory General Manager Rolland Tian said, “We are pleased to take our partnership with Scoular to the next level with this agreement. We look forward to developing additional specialized ingredient attributes for increased functionality in customer products.”

Scoular offers a variety of soy protein isolates for use in several different healthy applications, including nutritional powder drinks and supplements, bars, meats and meat analogs, baked goods and snacks, pasta, cereals, and soups and sauces.

The Scoular Company is a century-old agribusiness company committed to buying, selling, storing, handling and transporting grain and other agricultural products for use in food, feed, and renewable fuel markets worldwide.

Sinoglory is a Chinese producer and marketer of IP Non-GMO soy protein products with more than 10 years of experience in production, research, and manufacturing. In 2007, Sinoglory was awarded a “Superior Rating” in a food safety audit conducted by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) International. For more information, visit