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Scoular Participates in Baked Goods Drive for Food Pantries

November 23, 2010

Wheat Donation Helps Provide Baked Goods to Kansas City’s Hungry

OMAHA, NE – Food banks in the Kansas City area will benefit from a much-needed supply of baked goods this holiday season, thanks to donations from The Scoular Company and other companies within the food supply chain. Scoular made its second annual donation to the Field to Family program that was founded by two individuals from Horizon Milling, L.L.C. and Hostess Brands, Inc. Three hundred bushels of wheat were contributed by Scoular — enough to produce 12,600 pounds of flour to be used in baked goods for those in need.

Formed in October of 2009, the program’s aim in its inaugural year was to provide 25,000 units of baked goods to local banks between November of 2009 and January of 2010 — a goal that it surpassed by more than 3,000 units.

With cash and in-kind donations of wheat from 13 suppliers including Scoular, wheat milling by Horizon Milling, and baking and distribution by Hostess Brands, the program is bringing companies together when demand for food items has reached a peak and pantry donations from major food corporations have decreased because of budget cuts. The need for food donations is at a high and in response, the Field to Family program has set a new goal for 2011 — to provide 30,000 units of baked goods to food pantries throughout the area by mid-January 2011.

At The Scoular Company, we believe in giving back to our communities. Read more about Scoular’s Community Involvement.