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Scoular's Smart Salt Twice as Smart as Other Sodium Alternatives

October 18, 2010

Heart Healthy Ingredient Reduces Sodium and Offers Good Source of Magnesium

OMAHA, NE – Recent research has shown that inadequate sodium-to-magnesium and sodium-to-potassium ratios in Americans’ diets may be as much of a problem as too much sodium itself. In an effort to help the food industry address the potential health consequences of these mineral inadequacies and possible imbalances that can be significant and may contribute to heart problems, The Scoular Company is marketing a new ingredient called Smart Salt that reduces sodium and offers a healthy source of magnesium.

Scoular will be promoting Smart Salt at the SupplySide West ingredient show on October 21-22 in Las Vegas, NV. SupplySide West is the world’s largest event for healthy and innovative ingredients with 1,200+ booths.

Smart Salt is considered to be an unusually good source of magnesium, offering the balance of minerals that are necessary for proper metabolism, according to renowned magnesium researcher, Andrea Rosanoff. And, Scoular’s Smart Salt ingredient reduces the sodium in foods up to 60 percent without compromising the functionalities of salt, including taste, texture, and preservation.

Deborah A. Rolf, Executive Vice President, Americas-Smart Salt, Inc., said, “USDA researchers have found that over half of all Americans are not getting enough magnesium in their diets. This is an important finding, since nutritional magnesium is needed by everyone not only for good energy and strong muscles, but also to properly metabolize (utilize) salt and its sodium. This is especially important in our sodium dominant environment.”

“Smart Salt, based on magnesal, is a patented technology for a co-crystal that is primarily based on magnesium. With the common name of magnesal, this innovative sodium alternative provides an unsurpassed level of taste enhancement and functionality that allows flexibility and perfect optimization, with reformulation, in a multitude of applications.”

In June 2010, Scoular signed an agreement to market Smart Salt in North America. Anne Brown, Scoular’s Senior Manager of Food Ingredients, said, “Scoular is committed to looking for ways to help our customers produce quality products for which there is high demand. Our Smart Salt offering is a perfect example.”

In addition to Smart Salt, Scoular supplies a wide variety of ingredients to the food industry, including proteins, fibers, specialty flours and oils, starches and more. From more than 60 locations across North America, more than 600 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for their customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients for use in feed, food and renewable fuel markets worldwide.

Founded and incorporated in California by Juhani Maki and Tapio Maki, Smart Salt, Inc. holds the intellectual property rights on an innovative sodium reduction system developed in Finland by founder and scientist, Juhani Maki, Ph.L. Smart Salt strives to deliver leading edge technology with tailored solutions in response to the new mandated reduction of sodium in the food and beverage industry. For more information, visit Smart Salt at