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Starting an organic farm? Finding an experienced, reliable marketer is key

February 6, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (Feb. 6, 2020) – If you’re a farmer considering transitioning to organic crops, it’s important to find a financially strong marketer who will ship your contracts on time and pay in a timely fashion.

With decades of experience in organic grains and more than 125 years in the grain industry, The Scoular Company is just that partner.

According to Alex Wolf, Scoular’s senior manager in organic grains, “Unfortunately, not all organic grain buyers possess the experience or exhibit the professionalism and integrity growers rightfully deserve. Additionally, there are inefficiencies and details in the process, so growers need a partner to help them navigate. It’s Scoular’s job to make the transition to organic seamless and rewarding for our grower partners and be there when the crop is harvested with timely payment and top-notch service.”

Wolf last week shared this expertise with farmers at a daylong Nebraska Extension workshop on starting an organic farming operation. He explained organic market trends and similarities and differences between conventional and organic grain marketing.  

Wolf, who has managed Scoular’s organic group since 2017, is available for media interviews and to speak on such topics as:

  • General trends in the organic grain markets including challenges and opportunities in supply and demand.
  • Market access: For the farmer, access to consistent demand and for the buyer, access to consistent reliable supply via Scoular’s ability to aggregate supply and implement creative supply chain solutions (e.g., truck to rail transloading).  
  • Organic integrity. Farmers and buyers can rely on Scoular contracted product.

Wolf joined Scoular as an intern in 2009 and has worked in full-time merchandising roles with the company in Overland Park, Kansas; Charleston, South Carolina; and Hancock, Iowa. He also merchandised shuttle trains as well as worked in the Raw Materials division of Anheuser-Busch InBev in St. Louis. Wolf grew up in a family farming and ranching operation near Albion, Nebraska. He graduated with an Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  


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