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The Scoular Company Elects David Faith President

September 21, 2009

OMAHA, NE – The Scoular Company’s board of directors elected David M. Faith President at the company’s annual board of directors and shareholder meeting in Omaha last week.

Mr. Faith will work closely with Scoular’s CEO and COO to develop and execute the company’s strategy and tactics to position The Scoular Company for continued profitability and growth, in alignment with the longstanding culture and values of the company’s stakeholders.

As a 25-year veteran of The Scoular Company, Mr. Faith has played a key role in the growth and success of The Scoular Company. Throughout his career, Faith has enjoyed success in positions of increasing responsibility in a number of Scoular’s operating businesses and service groups. He has earned his way through the ranks of the organization, from merchant trainee to his new role as President. Recognizing the breadth of knowledge and experience he has gained and contributions he has made along the way, Scoular believes Faith to be uniquely prepared for his role as President.

Mr. Faith is a longstanding member of Scoular’s board of directors. In his role as President, he will work to ensure alignment among Scoular management, the company’s board of directors, and various stakeholders.

In addition to his new duties, Mr. Faith will continue to oversee and direct the company’s accounting and control, business finance, trade finance, and information technology groups. Mr. Faith will continue to office out of Scoular’s Omaha headquarters.

In addition to electing Faith President, the board re-elected all of its existing company officers, including Chuck Elsea, CEO, and Bob Ludington, COO.

The Scoular Company is a century-old agribusiness company committed to buying, selling, storing, handling and transporting grain and other agricultural products for use in food, feed, and renewable fuel markets worldwide. For more information, visit