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The Scoular Company Improves Western Iowa Facilities

August 24, 2009

Increases Unload Speed, Adds Capacity Ahead of Predicted Record Crop

OMAHA, NE (August 24, 2009) – For farmers who will soon be harvesting what the USDA predicts to be Iowa’s largest corn crop ever, time is money. With that in mind, The Scoular Company is focused on speeding things for producers wanting to sell or store grain near Portsmouth and Emerson, Iowa. Earlier this month, Scoular wrapped up construction of a new one million bushel grain storage bunker in Portsmouth and finished handling capacity improvements at its Emerson grain-handling location.

According to Jay Schuster, General Manager of Scoular’s western Iowa facilities, the most attractive feature of the projects is unloading speed. Both facilities will unload at 15,000 bushels per hour, 7-9,000 bushels per hour faster than older facilities in the area.

“We are excited about being able to dump a lot of grain in a fairly short amount of time, especially during harvest when our customers have better things to do than sit in line,” said Schuster. He added that Scoular will be giving area producers an opportunity to check out the new Portsmouth bunker at an open house on September 17.

Built on seven acres of land purchased by Scoular earlier this year, the bunker will be used to meet the growing needs of the company’s procurement program for area corn users and for its own train loading program in Hancock, Iowa. In Emerson, Scoular installed a new belt conveyer to fill its flat storage building.

Scoular worked with three local companies on the design and construction of the storage bunker, including Western Iowa Engineering, William Plambeck Construction, and JP Electric, Inc.

For more information, including grain bids, producers may contact Mike Smith in Portsmouth (712) 743-5014 or Randy Gray in Emerson (712) 824-7307.

Scoular operates 14 western Iowa grain-handling facilities, including those in Portsmouth and Emerson, and employs approximately 55 people to serve more than 1500 area customers. A century-old, employee-owned agribusiness company, Scoular is committed to buying, selling, storing, handling, and transporting grain and other agricultural products for use in food, feed, and renewable fuel markets worldwide.