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The Scoular Company's Canadian affiliate expands bird food facility in Winkler, Manitoba

June 30, 2020
WINKLER, Manitoba (June 30, 2020) – The Scoular Company’s Canadian affiliate has expanded its bird food manufacturing facility in Winkler, reinforcing its commitment to the community as well as sunflower growers throughout Manitoba.  
“This community has provided Scoular an opportunity to engage our strong business relationships and invest in our future growth,” said Robert Deraas, General Manager for Scoular.  
Scoular this month relocated its Winnipeg bird food operations to its company-owned bird food manufacturing facility in Winkler, at 125 Manitoba Road. The expansion has created six additional jobs at the Winkler facility as well as an expanded need for local municipal services.  
Scoular Canada purchases from Manitoba farmers both confection sunflowers for human edible snack foods and black oil sunflowers for use in bird feed. About 90 percent of all sunflowers grown in Canada are grown in Manitoba, according to the National Sunflower Association of Canada. 
“At Scoular, we think of ourselves as the ‘Sunflower People’ for the growers of Manitoba,” said Ben Friesen, Scoular’s Product Group Manager for Sunflowers. “We are committed to providing these growers with a competitive market for their sunflowers.” 
Bird food demand continues to be strong. Birding is only second to gardening as the most popular outdoor activity in North America, according to the Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s Research Foundation.