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The Scoular Company's Soy Isolate Manufacturing Partner Meets BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

October 19, 2010

Prestigious Achievement Showcases Chinese Soy Isolate Manufacturer Sinoglory’s Commitment to Being an Industry Leader

OMAHA, NE – The Scoular Company announced today that Shan Dong Sinoglory Health Food Co., LTD., Scoular’s Chinese manufacturer of soy isolate, has been awarded the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety. The BRC’s standard was the first standard to be approved by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) as part of their process for mutual recognition of food safety standards and continues to be the most widely used of the GFSI standards with over 10,000 certificated sites in 100 countries.

The principles of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety are based on two key components: senior management commitment and HACCP, an approach to food safety that identifies where a likely health hazard may occur, then establishes and maintains safety measures to prevent the hazard from occurring.

“Although we are very pleased that our Chinese manufacturer of soy isolate achieved the gold standard benchmark for food safety, we are not surprised. We have many relationships within the Chinese marketplace, and we carefully selected Sinoglory several years ago to be our production partner based upon our first-hand knowledge of their plant’s operation and their commitment to quality. We continue to be impressed with Sinoglory’s ability to produce a product with consistent quality for our U.S. customers for whom we procure and warehouse product,” said Anne Brown, Scoular’s Senior Manager of Food Ingredients.

Sinoglory Sales Manager Irene Xu said, “We have worked diligently with Scoular to develop identity-preserved and other quality procedures and documentation specific to the needs of Scoular’s U.S. customers. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Scoular, developing additional specialized ingredient attributes for increased functionality in customer products.”

Scoular offers a variety of soy isolates for use in several different applications, including nutritional powder drinks and supplements, bars, meats and meat analogs, baked goods and snacks, pasta, cereals, and soups and sauces.

From more than 60 locations across North America, more than 600 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for their customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients for use in feed, food and renewable fuel markets worldwide.