Chia Flour

Scoular chia flour more

Corn Starch

Corn starch more

Crystalline Fructose

Scoular Crystalline Fructose sweetner more


Erythritol is suitable for reduced-calorie and sugar-free applications. more

Fiber Comparison Chart

Fiber Comparison Chart more


Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are fibrous polymers of fructose anchored by a single glucose. more


IMO more

Inulin (Organic)

derived from organic Jerusalem artichokes grown in the USA more


Maltodextrin (Corn) or Maltodextrin (Tapioca) more

Pea Fiber

Pea Fiber is a natural food-grade vegetable fiber sourced from Canadian Yellow Peas, offers both nutrition and functionality. more

Pea Protein

Textured Pea Protein, Pea Protein Isolate (80% and 85%) and Pea Protein Crisps more

Pea Starch

Pea starch is extracted from Pisum Sativum pea and has a high amount of Amylose and low gelling temperature. more

Quinoa Flour

Quinoa flour is a natural source of iron, magnesium, and riboflavin making it a complete protein addition for your ration. more

Soluble Corn Fiber

Soluble Corn Fiber is derived from Non-GMO corn starch, classified as a Resistant Starch Type IV. more

Steamed Chickpea Flour

Scoular steamed chickpea flour offers a nutritious, gluten free and Non-GMO solution for your next baked good, pasta, or snack. more

Textured Pea Protein

Perfect for for the meat and meat alternative markets creating a meat-like texture in a variety of applications. more

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