Legumex Walker's Special Crops Division - Proud to Be a Scoular Business

To expand opportunity for growers, customers, and employees of its special crops business, Legumex Walker sold its Special Crops Division to Scoular - a leading U.S. agricultural marketing company with affiliates in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, China, and Singapore.

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Now, Even Stronger Together

The special crops business is a strategic extension of Scoular's growing grain, feed and food ingredient business. Acquiring the assets and people of LWI's Special Crops Division expands the company's product offering and expertise as well as its geographic footprint. Scoular's special crops business is now one of Canada's largest processors of special crops (sunflower seed, flax, and canary seed) and pulses (lentil, peas, beans, and chickpeas).

As a result of the acquisition, Scoular adds 14 processing facilities as well as additional receiving and storage sites to its network of 72 U.S. grain-handling facilities and offices in North America, South America, and Asia. The acquired Canadian facilities are Scoular's first Canadian assets, although Scoular has been active in the Canadian market since 1996 when the company established a Canadian subsidiary and opened an office in Calgary where 15 employees office today. Click here to view a map of Scoular's locations.

Scoular will bring additional resources to the business in support of its commitment to grow. As a result, the company will be able to provide additional value to Canadian growers and to pursue opportunities to serve customers seeking special products in North America and around the world.

To learn more about Scoular, visit www.scoular.com.