More great opportunities for your farm.

From beans to lentils to seeds, the most marketable products start as crops on your farm. Because our success is so closely tied to yours, we're constantly building markets and creating demand for what you grow.

When you're ready to sell, we're ready to help. Here's where to find us.



Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Navy Beans
Cranberry Beans
Light Red Kidney Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Great Northern Beans
Pink Beans
Yellow Beans
White Mountain Pinto Beans
Faba Beans

Sunflower, Millet & Birdseed

Confection Sunflowers
Black oil Sunflowers
Con-oil Sunflowers
Red Millets
White Millets
Amber Millets
Red Milo
Niger Seeds

Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas,
Flax, & Canary Seed

Green Peas
Yellow Peas
Espace Peas
Marrowfat Peas
Maple Peas
Small Green Lentils - Eston Type
Medium Green Lentils - Richlea Type
Large Green Lentils - Laird Type
Dark Speckled Lentils
Small Red Lentils - Crimson Type
Extra Small Red Lentils - Robin Type
Brown Flax
Golden Flax
Organic Brown Flax
Organic Golden Flax
Kabuli Chickpeas
Desi Chickpeas
Canary Seeds