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TSC Container Freight and Clarkson Securities Limited Seminar:

“Indexation in Container Freight: Making Stronger, Smarter Commitments”

Senior decision makers from the container freight and logistics markets took part in a seminar that explained some of the new techniques available to them to achieve stronger, more reliable contracts, and to manage their exposure to increasing freight rate volatility.

As the container industry continues to struggle with massive rate swings, problematic contracting procedures and unreliable forecasting, innovative products such as index-linked service contracts and hedging tools are now available that allow shippers and carriers to agree stronger commitments and fix their freight rates without placing undue stress on their commercial relationships.

This Seminar was designed to bring BCOs, NVOCCs and shipping lines together to learn about new developments in the freight market, and to network and share ideas of how structural volatility problems can be identified and managed, without adding unbudgeted cost and complication to the supply chain.