Freeze-dried pet food contract manufacturing

Petsource by Scoular™ is an indirect, wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of The Scoular Company. Petsource provides recipe development, raw meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging solutions for pet food manufacturers. Petsource is among the first in the country to bring these steps together under one roof, positioning itself as a turnkey contract manufacturer and go-to source for high-protein, freeze-dried ingredients. By leveraging the simplicity Petsource offers, paired with a state-of-the-art facility and equipment, pet food companies can now be confident in having a contract partner focused on delivering the innovative freeze-dried ingredients your business requires.

Quality and food safety are our guiding principles at Petsource. Our facility, which is located in Seward, Nebraska, is thoughtfully constructed based on food manufacturing sanitary design with an unparalleled focus on food safety. We have designed our manufacturing process consistent with food safety standards utilized at a human food facility.

With the strength of Scoular’s supply chain networks, we are able to reliably source high-quality proteins and functional dry ingredients. Utilizing our low-temperature freeze-drying process, these raw ingredients maintain the nutritional value our pets require. Pet owners value high-protein, minimally processed foods with clean labels. Freeze-dried ingredients are a valuable solution within a pet food manufacturers’ product portfolio. Petsource is dedicated to the pet food marketplace and operates solely as a contract manufacturer in support of our pet food manufacturing brand partners.

Petsource by Scoular manufacturing facility

End-to-end solutions provider

Product development

Our in-house animal nutrition scientists are ready to work with you to create the ideal freeze-dried recipes for your needs.


Our deep relationships enable us to source only the highest-quality ingredients to process and freeze-dry for your specific needs.

Raw meat processing

We offer customized processing options including blending, forming and dicing solutions.


Our freeze-drying process removes moisture while still preserving the inherent nutritional content of the raw ingredients.

Food safety and quality

Being a single-source solution, we are able to provide unparalleled levels of safety, quality and reliability.

The Petsource promise

We launched Petsource to meet the need for cleaner-label, minimally processed freeze-dried proteins. This innovative venture manages product development, procurement expertise, raw meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging under one roof. It also offers storage and custom packaging solutions for pet food manufacturers.

Creating local careers

For more than 128 years, Scoular has invested in the people and communities of Nebraska. Petsource is working with the local Seward community to fill roles at this new facility. With a $75 million expansion underway, Petsource is committed to the community and is expected to add up to 80 new jobs by the end of 2023. Stay connected via Scoular’s careers site as future job openings become available.

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