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Experts in freeze-drying

If you’re searching for a contract manufacturer with an innovative process that can elevate any business—big or small—Petsource can help.

end-to-end process

Tailored to your needs

You know what’s best for your pet food brand. Whether you’re working with us to create a custom pet food formulation, or ordering an off-the-shelf recipe, all of our products follow a rigorous process to exceed food safety and quality standards.

Product development


Raw processing

Forming & dicing


Bulk & retail packaging

Custom solutions

On-trend, clean label, high-protein & minimally processed dog and cat food

In-house Research & Innovation: Whether you have a defined concept or need help getting started, we’ll help you develop and produce a product that fits your brand’s needs.

Access to on-trend ingredients: As a leading pet food manufacturer, we can reliably source fresh, high-quality proteins, fruits, vegetables and other functional dry ingredients.

Testing and commercialization: Before your freeze-dried pet food is ready to ship, we put it to the test (more than once) to ensure you receive the highest quality and safest product possible.

Meet Amy, our Research & Innovation Manager and Maci, her trusty assistant

“Our facility is genuinely one of a kind and a key reason we can create the highest quality products for your beloved pets.”

Off-the-shelf products

Ready to order high-protein, freeze-dried pet food

We quickly deliver several pre-formulated products in many different sizes and shapes.

Beef heart

Beef kidney

Beef liver

Beef stock diet

Beef with grain treat

Chicken breast

Chicken brown rice treat

Salmon filet chew

Single ingredient chicken