Why Petsource

Pet food manufacturing done right

Petsource is a leading partner for clean-label, minimally processed freeze-dried pet food, treats and toppers—with concept to commercialization capabilities to meet your needs.

We do things differently

A leading product for leading partners
We work with the best pet food brands in the industry. To protect our shared reputations, we exclusively contract with brands that share our commitment to quality and dedication to providing a super-premium product.

Reliability you can count on
You can expect consistent pet food, delivered on time. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll make it right.

Confidentiality for your brand
We’d love to share testimonials of our highly satisfied customers, but protecting their privacy and proprietary information—and yours—is a commitment we uphold.

We support your brand story
At Petsource, we maintain the highest safety, quality and on-trend product standards. Our pet food, toppers and treats satisfy the claims and certifications you want to highlight on every bag.


Meet our pet-loving professionals

We have an exceptionally talented team. While each member of Petsource’s leadership has a different area of expertise and focus, everyone is committed to finding new ways to make your freeze-dried pet food the best on the market.

Amy Patterson


Chad Kucks

Sales & Supply Chain

Dr. Steven Moore

Research & Innovation

Pedro DeLaPaz

Plant Manager

Ryan Eccleston


Jill Richardson

Sales & Commercialization

Backed by Scoular

A history you can trust

Petsource by Scoular™ is an indirect, wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Scoular. As a $10.54 billion company that’s been in business for over 130 years, Scoular provides financial stability and award-winning culture and values. Because of this unique partnership with Scoular, Petsource is able to continue growing at the speed of your business.

Our core values

Our word is our bond. We do what is right, not just what is easy or allowable. We are candid in our relationships. ​​​​​​

It is the root of our creativity, innovation and flexibility. We seek deep understanding of markets and customers’ unique needs.

We commit to shared goals knowing there are many paths to reach them. Success means that we deliver results in the right way.

We win when we bring a diverse set of ideas and people together to collaborate for company success.

Our employees are people first. We understand and value all that each person contributes to our collective well-being.

We deploy the assets of the company to win, while being disciplined to safeguard them for the next generation.