Scoular's Colby Eymann elected treasurer of soybean alliance board

Dec. 15, 2021

Scoular’s Colby Eymann recently was elected to a leadership position in an industry group that promotes U.S.-grown Identity Preserved crops and their food products. 

Eymann, product group manager on Scoular’s Select Global Grains & Oilseeds (SGGO) team, was elected treasurer of the Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance Board of Directors. The organization supports the growth of both domestic and international markets in which the SGGO team serves through Scoular’s Andres, Illinois, facility and its newly acquired Covington, Ohio, facility. Eymann is based in Scoular’s Minneapolis office.

Eymann’s board appointment benefits Scoular customers

Over the next year the alliance will focus on the rollout in the market of its U.S. Identity Preserved designation. The designation signifies a premium crop with a verifiable origin. This quality assurance program represents a significant advancement in food traceability for food manufacturers, processors and exporters. The designation will benefit Scoular and its customers by providing a branded assurance of the quality and traceability offered through Scoular’s specialty IP business.

“I’m excited and honored to join the board of directors at SSGA,” Eymann said. “I’m looking forward the rollout of the U.S Identity Preserved brand and the impact it will have for the U.S. soy and specialty grain industry.”

Eymann, a graduate of the University of Kansas, has over a decade of experience in specialty grains and international trade as a member of Scoular’s SGGO team. He manages a team of traders focusing on the bulk agricultural commodity trade lanes primarily between North America and Asian-Pacific regions. His focus includes analyzing, identifying and executing trading opportunities within the cash commodity, freight and futures markets.


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Doug Grennan

Doug Grennan

Vice President and General Manager