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Our local merchandisers are deeply knowledgeable about supply and demand, crop conditions and market movement—so you can always turn to us for the information you need to grow your business. Since your crops are the most essential part of the global agricultural supply chain, we do whatever we can to secure a market quickly, facilitate connections and find the answers you need. Our reputation is one of reliability and stability.


Local merchants with authority

You'll work directly with a merchant in your area who understands your product, knows the global market and has the authority to make decisions quickly.

Efficient payment

We offer streamlined technology solutions to make sure you get paid on time and according to our agreements.

Fast dumping

Our facilities are designed for efficiency. No lines. No waiting around. We dump grain fast and get back on the road.

Year-round markets

We're in the market 24/7/365. We know what buyers are looking for, and we aim to provide them a consistent supply.

Pricing options

We offer flexible alternatives to pricing beyond just a straight cash price. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll work to create a solution just for you.

Storage capabilities

We invest in your local communities and facilities to ensure that we have the most secure, top-of-the-line storage solutions available to you.

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Services for farmers

Storage capacity

Our expertise in marketing and logistics gives us the ability to manage storage capacity effectively all across our growing regions. Visit our regional facility websites to learn more.


Whether it’s an extra truck at harvest or on-farm pickup, we’re partners in helping your operation run smoothly.

Landlord interactions

Our local experts support your business by working directly with landlords on accounting and pricing information.

Marketing alternatives

You need tools and risk management solutions that are adaptive, comprehensive and transparent. We’re always looking for new ways to support you with an emphasis on innovation and flexibility.

Producer programs

Ask us about unique programs in your region that could benefit your production, like Barley MVP™ and Canola MVP™, our programs giving producers the resources to grow better crops for new markets.

ScoularView™ Resources

ScoularView is your one-stop-shop of digital farm tools. Find locations and contract information, local cash bids and login to view real-time contracts, account information and more. 

Download the ScoularView mobile app to view Scoular contracts in real time, access cash bid information 24/7 and see your scale weights as soon as they’re imported.

Customer Portal

Log in to your ScoularView account to access all of your account information, review transactions and more.

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Latitude Marketing Services

We give producers more room in their schedule and more growth potential for their business using a combination of risk management tools and services tailored to their needs.


New Missouri facility supports local corn and soybean farmers

Carl Ferguson is a local farmer based out of Missouri and a long-time customer and partner with Scoular. So when we decided to expand our operation further into Missouri, we knew exactly who to call.

We worked with Carl to acquire some of his land and build a new storage facility in Bates County, Missouri in 2012—primarily used for receiving grain by truck and shipping it by rail. In 2019, we added on to the facility to increase capacity. We even modified the nearby rail load-out to increase the grain shipped.

Overall, this facility investment and expansion helped Missouri farmers move more product and, therefore, move their businesses forward.