Logistics professionals at your service

We know that efficient and proactive logistics management can make or break a supply chain. Customers can count on our expertise working with container, truck, rail and barge shipping partners for transportation solutions that connect the dots throughout the supply chain.

The Scoular difference:

Integrated along the supply chain

Our teams work seamlessly to bring product expertise to every solution. That knowledge helps us to be good stewards of our customers' assets while they're en route.

Creative and solution-oriented

With long-term relationships in container, truck, rail and barge, we're able to create shipping solutions that meet the handling needs of sellers and shippers alike.

Dependable execution

Complex international shipping arrangements require extreme attention to detail. Our positive track record of dependable execution in freight speaks for itself.

Focused on effective utilization

Unused transportation capacity is wasted money. We get creative to make sure that our shipping partners can operate at optimum capacity while creating value for buyers and sellers.

Train going through plains

Custom freight-forwarding solutions

When shipping goods around the world, you want a plan that’s tailored to your needs. Our Global Shipping Team handles all the logistics, coordinating and documentation for freight only customers—so you can focus on your business.

Customer story

New high-speed grain elevator drives growth in Virginia

As part of our overall mission to create safe and reliable supply chain solutions for Virginia farmers, we partnered with the Port of Virginia to build a high-speed grain elevator at its terminal in Richmond. The new facility can unload 20,000 bushels (or 20 trucks) per hour.

“This project, combined with the investments we are making at Richmond Marine Terminal, will provide farmers in Virginia even greater access to world markets,” said John F. Reinhart, CEO and Executive Director of the Virginia Port Authority.

“Scoular has been a good partner of the port for a number of years, and this is a natural expansion of its operation that holds benefits for the port and the state’s agriculture industry.”