Scoular ranks among top 10 shipping container exporters

June 1, 2021

Scoular reached a significant milestone for its container shipping business, cracking the top 10 in The Journal of Commerce’s listing of the top 100 exporters for 2020.

Scoular is the second-largest container exporter of agricultural commodities

Scoular exported 93,000, 20-foot equivalent units (TEU’s) in the calendar year 2020. If only agricultural commodities are considered, Scoular is the second-largest container agriculture exporter in the United States.  

Over the years, Scoular has continued to expand its container export activity and has steadily climbed in its rank on The Journal of Commerce’s list of top exporters. Scoular has reached the top 25 in recent years and 2020 is the first time it has hit the top 10. Scoular ranked 12th in 2019 and 10th for 2020.

Making the top 10 is significant because it represents the continued growth of Scoular’s container business. It’s also significant becausedespite the many pandemic-related challenges in the shipping industryScoular showed strong growth.   

Scoular’s product diversity is growing

Scoular continues to march forward not only in volume, but also in product diversity.

As Scoular has leveraged its global container strengths, it finds those attributes applicable to multiple product types.

Additionally, as product demand has shifted or competitive origination changed, Scoular has been agile enough to establish new product supply chains. Scoular’s top five container product exports are soybeans, pulses, grains, bakery, and animal/marine meals.

It’s important to note that the publication’s rankings do not take into account all of Scoular’s container business volume.

For example, the list only counts export BCO shipper volume from U.S. ports. It doesn’t take into account Scoular’s NVO volume with TSC, any volume that departs Canadian ports (Scoular Canada), or our foreign to foreign (Scoular Asia) and import volumes. Our total company volume for 2020 was 147,000 TEU’s.  

Scoular recognizes and thanks all our partners that helped the company achieve this ranking. Ocean carriers, producers, transload facilities, trucking and drayage companies all play a pivotal role in Scoular’s container supply chain businesses.


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