Grain Processors

Delivering consistent, safe and high-quality supply

We work with flour millers, livestock feeders and feed millers, ethanol plants, soybean crushers and other buyers to provide on-time delivery of the products you need most. We’re in the market every day of the year, getting to know our farmers and sourcing quality ingredients. With Scoular as your supply partner, you can rest assured you’ll always be taken care of.


Facility access

We have strong relationships with a network of facilities strategically located around the United States and Canada.

Transportation market expertise

We lead the pack in rail, truck and container transportation with unmatched logistics expertise. We know how to move product the way you want it so it arrives when you need it.

Reliability and consistency

We work hard to ensure that our supply is stable and predictable for you, so your business keeps running as smoothly as possible.


Things change, but that's why we're here. Know that we'll always be available to work through an issue with you or provide a new option. We strive to provide active communication at every step.

An invested partner in your success

We're interested in making investments that bolster the success of our customers. That's the beauty of working with a partner with our scale, relationships and resources.

Grain processing plant

Organic specialists

Market leadership

From coast to coast, we have more organic storage and handling facilities than anyone else in North America. And, as a market leader in rail transportation, we can ensure timely delivery. No matter where you’re located in relation to our facilities, we can still provide free on board (FOB) bids to producers and DLVD offers to end users. Consider us a one-stop shop for grain processors with the ability to supply every input used in rations and product mixes.

Bolstering success

We have a history of investing in assets that support proper storage and transportation of identity-preserved grains, including trucks, elevators and more. We’re eager to bring creative solutions that support organic infrastructure for your business.


Going the extra mile for local farmers

Many of our custom solutions for grain processors involve developing infrastructure in places with grain surplus, a lack of storage or handling and rail-loading deficit. 

In Ottosen, Iowa, we partnered with a local co-op called Farmers Cooperative Elevator. Our investment helped make the facility rail-capable and provided a place where local farmers can deliver organic grain 365 days a year.

In Sandersville, Georgia, we partnered with a short-line railroad called Sandersville Railroad Company and a trucking/transloading company called Veal Farms Transload, LLC. Together, we created a local grain market for farmers—saving them hundreds of miles of truck freight every trip.

All of our customer investments are focused on win-win solutions that make strategic sense for everyone.