Bridging gaps in the agricultural supply chain

We know grain—it’s been central to our business since the beginning. Today, we have the network, confidence and creativity to make connections between farmersprocessors, manufacturers, facilities, shippers and carriers worldwide. We see the big picture, we keep our promises and we take care of our customers’ products every step of the way.



We are highly capable and experienced masters of logistics. We work efficiently and dump grain quickly so we don’t waste our customers’ time.

Local decision-making

Our grain experts work directly with customers to address challenges, guide them through the process and proactively solve problems.

Invested in our customers

Our goal is to be a strategic partner. We have a long history of investing in storage, transportation and processing solutions with our customers to ensure long-term benefits for everyone.


We do our best to communicate proactively with our customers through real people with market knowledge and experience, not bots or third parties.

Global market access

We have the capacity to export worldwide and the experience to navigate global trends and comply with international regulations. As leaders in transportation, we have the logistical knowledge to move product when and how our customers need it to ensure consistent supply.


We do our best to create custom solutions designed to meet each customer's specific needs, from contracts and risk management to storage and transportation.

How we're leading the way

Clean label

We are one of the largest providers of organic storage and handling facilities in the marketplace. We also own one of the most sophisticated food-grade cleaning soybean plants in North America. When it comes to clean label trends, we’re at the forefront of the market with identity-preserved grains.

Food safety

At Scoular, it’s everyone’s responsibility to monitor food safety. Our food safety experts are proactively engaged with government regulations and changing food safety requirements to ensure that we’re always compliant. We aim to exceed safety standards, not just meet them.

Farmer tools

Committed to providing our farmer customers effective and efficient tools, we offer ScoularView, our one-stop-shop of digital farm tools. Available with an app, website and customer portal, farmers can find locations and contract information, local cash bids and login to view real-time contracts, account information and more.

End-to-end supply chain solutions


With a large and diverse origination network of farmers, we’re invested in facilities and employ local merchants where you live.


Our logistics experts help move products safely and securely via truck, rail or container to meet the requirements of buyers around the world.


The grain storage we use and build are top of the line. We ensure grain is dumped quickly and efficiently to keep you moving.


Our experienced local merchants help farmers and processors reach markets around the globe.


We use our market connections to ensure a stable and predictable supply for grain processors.
Train going through the plains

Transportation and logistics

Reliable and secure transportation is a cornerstone of our grain business.

There are countless ways we can help manage the storage, handling and transportation of grain, with the flexibility to change transportation modes as needed. Plus, we’ll take care of all the details involved with contracts, local and international regulations and more, so our customers don’t have to worry.

Whether our customers need freight, rail, container or international shipping, our logistics experts work side by side with our grain marketers to help create a solution.

Barley protein ingredient

Emerge is an exclusive product that supports sustainable aquaculture practices and clean pet food formulations. It’s the only innovative, barley protein concentrate and is environmentally friendly, traceable and non-GMO.


Expanded grain-handling operation supports Idaho producers

Since the late 1990s, we’ve been providing dairies and feeders in the Idaho market with a variety of feed ingredients and grains. 

In 2017, we made a significant investment that gave us access to 45 acres of land, 18,000 feet of railroad track connected to the Eastern Idaho Railroad, plus ownership of the grain-handling facility that was adjacent to our existing ingredient and blending operation.

Now, the Idaho market has access to grain-handling, commodity-blending, grain storage and transportation through our numerous local facilities.