Suite of digital tools for your farm operation

ScoularView™ is your one-stop-shop of digital farm tools. Whether at home, in the field, or in your vehicle, ScoularView connects you to the information you need to run your farm operation. 

ScoularView Benefits

Customer portal

View a comprehensive summary of your grain accounting data (tickets, contracts, etc.) plus futures and cash bids.

Mobile app

Find real-time contracts, cash bids, scale tickets and more from anywhere, at any time.

Bids and locations

View cash bids, contact info, and local weather for our regional facility locations.

Farmer using Scoular GrainView App

ScoularView mobile app

Download ScoularView to view Scoular contracts in real time, access cash bid information 24/7 and see your scale weights as soon as they’re imported.

Customer Portal

Log in to the  ScoularView customer portal account to view a comprehensive summary of your grain account information, review transactions plus access futures and cash bids.

Grainview APP