International Trade

Connecting global supply and demand

We leverage our strategic partnerships to help create end-to-end supply chains for customers around the world.

We connect soybean and pea consumers in Asia with farmers in North America. Marine and animal processors in South America have access to our growing global feed markets. Farmers in Canada are connected to distilleries and food manufacturers throughout the globe.

Our extensive experience across the food and feed supply chain allows us to offer tailored solutions. We can safely and reliably deliver agricultural products to more than 50 countries. We can also use our expertise to handle imports for U.S. customers. Just leave the origination and documentation up to us.

The scoular difference:

A proven network

We connect producers with processors and processors with end users. Our entire focus is on sourcing the best products and engaging the best markets for your needs, not ours.

Long-term vision

We work to build strategic partnerships that can last for years to come. So when disruptions arise, we prioritize long-term strength over short-term wins.

Honest solutions

We don't break contracts. We deal with real agreements, and even if plans change, we find flexible solutions to ensure that everyone wins.

Broad expertise

We offer a range of services beyond trade, so we understand the products, the market and the trends driving supply and demand. Our supply chain involvement and visibility makes it possible for us to anticipate customer needs, make connections, open markets and navigate disruptions as they arise.

Container reliability

We've been shipping agricultural products like grain, soybeans, food ingredients and animal feed ingredients in containers for more than 30 years. Throughout this time, we've continuously improved our processes and systems to meet the utilization needs of freight providers, documentation and compliance needs of all stakeholders, and on-time shipping schedules for our end-use customers.


From facilities to carriers to technology, we have a history of investing alongside our customers in order to bolster your success and expand our offerings.

Freight ship docked

Global Strength



Latin America:

  • Proteins, including beef, hemoglobin, poultry, pork, fish, salmon and shrimp products
  • Fats & oils, including fish oils
  • Processed grains, including identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO grains

How we serve our customers in Asia

  • Local presence with dedicated representatives
  • Multidimensional service with the ability to have multiple business relationships—upstream and downstream
  • Creative business solutions with flexible arrangements as needed
  • Complete supply chain with strong backing from grain originations to support raw material needs
  • Identity-preserved grains with cleaned and packaged options

Regional focus

  • Indonesia: Food beans processing and distribution
  • Myanmar: Fishmeal quality-management and export
  • Across Asia: Value chain services 

End-to-end supply chain solutions


Local merchant presence and relationships with international markets helps provide farmers with better information on the right crops to plant at the right time.


Whether we're helping meet a deficit need in a specific area or providing market access to manufacturers, our overarching view of the global marketplace provides context and clarity.


Truck, rail, container and barge—we understand it all and can creatively arrange for shipping that meets both buyer and seller needs.

Manufacturers and consumers

Our extensive product portfolio means that specific requests are almost always possible.
Andres Cleaning Facility

Customer story

Bridging soybean demand in America and Asia with a new facility

In 2013, we recognized a need in the IP soybean market for greater quality and volume. The market was demanding consistent shipments, traceability and increased food safety systems so we got to work on a solution: a new facility outside of Chicago.

Scoular’s Andres facility is a state-of-the-art grain cleaning facility that helps us service IP soybean and corn customers throughout Asia and the United States. We contract single-variety soybeans for tofu, miso, soymilk and other food products with farmers. Then we manage storage, cleaning and shipping to Asia.

Adding this facility allowed us to be a supply chain manager to our customers, so food manufacturers could concentrate on producing and marketing their products.

Custom marine protein solutions

Encompass is our global fishmeal business that identifies custom marine protein solutions based on your unique product specifications. Through our expansive supply network, we can source more than 15 different species from over 40 countries and regions all year long.