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Every day at Scoular, we define what's possible and make decisions that carry great responsibility. Our influence spans the global agricultural supply chain—and the sustainable solutions we provide become the links that connect our world.

Recognizing our role as a global citizen, we've created a long-term sustainability strategy that reflects the high-integrity business practices we have always believed in.


The strategy consists of five key pillars, with milestones and goals that we’re working to achieve by 2025. Collectively, the steps in this strategy will help us guide and measure the positive impact we strive to deliver for the future of our industry, our communities and our planet. We’re also interested in creating customized sustainability solutions alongside our customers. Get in touch with us to learn more.


pillar 1

Engaging in Our Communities

We have the privilege to operate in a diverse range of communities in North America, Asia and beyond. As a company that deeply values partnership, we feel a responsibility to support the communities in which Scoular operates, and where our employees live and work. Through community collaboration, leveraging resources from The Scoular Foundation and harnessing the community spirit of our employees, we hope to make a positive impact.

Our path to engaging communities by 2025, includes:
  • Continuing to invest a percentage of the company’s PBT in critical identified community investment areas, with a focus on rural communities and cultivating soil health.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with local organizations and customers.
  • Completing milestone numbers of company volunteer hours every year.
  • Building strategic and substantial relationships with key third parties and communities.
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School of fish in water

Pillar 2

Fostering Responsible Product Sourcing

Sustainability is of great importance in aquaculture, where pollution and disruption to biodiversity can have consequences to our food and ingredient supply. To do our part responsibly and make a positive impact, we evaluate our practices comprehensively, from an economic, environmental and social standpoint. For a deeper dive on our marine sustainability efforts, check out our fishmeal brand, Encompass.

Our path to fostering responsible product sourcing by 2025, includes:
  • Increasing our total marine products sourced from sustainably processed or aquaculture sources.
  • Increasing our percentage growth of sales of marine products responsibly sourced and certified products.
  • Establishing a strategic engagement with a NGO or non-profit for impact in the marine sustainability space, with related impact through NGO led programs.
  • Developing producer programs that are carbon focused for climate smart agriculture.


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion is a core value at Scoular. We believe deeply in welcoming diverse perspectives. With a global, multi-cultural mindset, we respect the many cultures represented across the company and ensure that inclusive perspectives are seen and heard. By leading with an inclusive strategy, we can continue to grow our culture of diversity and inclusion in a meaningful way.

Our path to promoting diversity and inclusion by 2025, includes:
  • Developing and implementing an internal and external method for transparency on diversity and inclusion progress.
  • Developing a recruitment, pipeline and retention program for BIPOC on which we will make milestone progress.
  • Reaching numeric milestone goals for gender parity.
  • Creating an annual executive leadership coaching program with affiliated key performance indicators.
  • Implementing a system for and completion of annual pay parity reviews.
Scoular Andres, IL Cleaning Plant

pillar 4

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We have a history of integration in nearly every agricultural supply chain, so we understand the effects and impact of carbon emissions. As stewards of our industry, we have a responsibility and desire to safeguard our actions for the next generation.

Our path to reducing our carbon footprint by 2025, includes:
  • Percentage reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Percentage reduction in greenhouse gas intensity.
  • Developing producer programs that are carbon focused.
  • Percentage increase in our renewable energy use.
  • Implementing a pilot program on water use reduction.
  • Reducing our value chain carbon footprint.


Upholding Workplace Health and Safety

The nature of our work demands consistent and careful practices to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. Safety is our top priority. After all, our people are our most valuable asset. We’re involved in many industry safety organizations and strive to remain in line with best-in-class safety practices. As we continue to expand our culture of safety at Scoular, we will undertake the following milestone steps as we continue to uphold workplace health and safety.

Our path to upholding workplace health and safety by 2025, includes:
  • Milestone improvements on key performance indicators as established by a company cross-functional committee.
  • Percentage reduction in days away restricted or transferred injuries.
  • Percentage increase in safety engagement at the below manager level.
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