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With Encompass fishmeal, we understand the importance of maintaining resilient ecosystems that produce safe, nutritious, and high-quality food and feed ingredients. Challenges in climate health, overfishing, ecosystem losses, and lack of transparency across the supply chain could lead to food supply disruptions in the future.

Our sustainability strategy directly addresses the responsible product sourcing for marine products as well as the environmental, social, and economic considerations that marine products have on our planet, ecosystems, communities, and people. All year long, we work diligently to ensure end-to-end traceability by owning MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and MarinTrust Chain of Custody certifications to help our customers meet ASC (Aqua Stewardship Council) and BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certifications and more.

School of fish

Below water and on land, we can meet your needs beyond certification requirements.​

Sustainability below, above, beyond

Confidence from sea to feed

Experience 100% traceability and transparency for all your marine ingredients with Encompass by Scoular.

Building your story

With responsibly sourced, produced, and delivered marine ingredients, you’ll have a strong brand story to share. Encompass will support your brand strategy and reputation by connecting you with the high-quality ingredients today's consumers are demanding.

Classified offerings

Our classification system not only incentivizes our producers to use more sustainable practices, but also allows you to see where ingredients fit on the certification journey. No matter your sustainability needs, you’ll be able to find a variety of marine ingredients that align.

Quality and integrity

All ingredients in our program are documented, measured, defined, audited, and tracked through various assessments. We do our best to ensure that our fishery and processor partners are meeting regulatory standards, so you’re getting the highest-quality product possible.

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Supply chain management

Scoular maintains an extensive supplier database with information of the source fishery, associated fishing gear, processing conditions, and more. Beyond full supply chain transparency, Scoular holds MSC and MarinTrust Chain of Custody certifications to ensure that you can meet the established BAP and ASC standards. Trust us to take care of the managerial and financial burden of supplier audits.

Reducing the impact of the marine supply chain

Economic support

We use our influence to improve the social and economic standing of our producers, ensuring recognition for those who are doing the right thing.

Supply chain transparency

Through onboarding, documenting, auditing, and sharing key metrics across the supply chain, we aim to increase transparency.

Environmental impact & innovations

We’re constantly promoting new products, services, and technology enablers that reduce waste, drive efficiency, and decrease the environmental impact and GHGs (emissions) associated with these products.

Industry-wide collaboration

We work with customers, suppliers, NGOs and other industry partners to promote best practices at every stage of the value chain.

Direct investment

We’re building resilience in the ecosystems and communities that provide high quality marine feed ingredients.

The Encompass Sustainability Program

Sustainability Scoring Chart


The producer has all necessary and required documentation.

Raw material

The product passes a biomass evaluation and adheres to our catching standards.

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The social, ethical and environmental impact meets our standards.


Traceability and transparency is confirmed for the entire supply chain.


The highest rating is given to producers who implement highly advanced technology such as block chain.


How we’ll track and measure success


supplier program compliance by the end of 2023.


improvement in producer's program classification by 2024.


of suppliers above "B" scoring by 2025.


of products sold by 2025 will meet ASC and BAP standards.

Certifications and memberships


As a producer in the Encompass Sustainability Program, you are part of Scoular’s global offerings that help you become more sustainable, competitive in higher-valued recognized markets, and increase your opportunity to sell ingredients further.


Interested in Encompass? Talk to our fishmeal team for more information.