Animal Feed Ingredients

Formulating cost and value

When it comes to animal feed, our customers need a partner who can deliver flexible and valuable nutrition solutions. That’s what we do every day. Whether it’s for a dairy, feedmill or another animal feed manufacturer, we help customers source a safe and stable supply of ingredients that meet their unique ration and cost parameters.

The Scoular difference:

Product choice

We can offer hundreds of product options through our vast network of processors. Plus, we're constantly forging new relationships and enhancing offerings to keep up with changing trends.


Count on us to deliver the right ingredient to the right location at the right time. We set realistic expectations and follow through on our promises.

Financial strength

Our sound financial and accounting processes, plus our track record of financial stability, means our customers never need to worry about our ability to execute on a trade.

Invested in growth

We have a history of investing in storage, transportation and processing solutions alongside our customers to ensure long-term benefits for everyone.

Leaders in aquaculture

We're one of the largest distributors of fishmeal and fish oil in North America—and the largest distributor in the United States. For decades, we've been pioneering solutions in the fast-growing aquaculture category.

Distribution network

Our assets and logistics experts work together to cover a diverse geographic area, so we can serve our customers' needs on time, no matter where they're located.

cow eating out of worker's hand

End-to-end supply chain solutions


Our supply chain solutions start by working with farmers around the world to source a variety of raw materials for processing and feed.


Many of the products we source come directly from processors looking for specific markets for their feed ingredients.

Transportation, storage and handling

We manage the movement of product through our facility network by truck, rail, freight, barge and container. We take care of the logistics and choose transportation modes according to customer preference and price sensitivities.

Feedmillers, dairy, aquaculture and livestock producers

Our end consumers benefit from our knowledge, breadth of products and willingness to find creative solutions—in terms of product and logistics—to help their businesses run smoothly. See our work in aquaculture.

Barley protein ingredient

Emerge is an exclusive product that supports sustainable aquaculture practices and clean pet food formulations. It’s the only innovative, barley protein concentrate and is environmentally friendly, traceable and non-GMO.

Custom marine protein solutions

Encompass is our global fishmeal business that identifies custom marine protein solutions based on your unique product specifications. Through our expansive supply network, we can source more than 15 different species from over 40 countries and regions all year long.

Customer story

A win-win solution for a Kansas corn producer and a nearby dairy farm

Dairy farmers in southwest Kansas approached us looking for a new daily source of fresh, steamflaked corn for feed. While looking for ways to make that happen, we started talking to the folks at Cactus Feeder Inc. who had a similar objective, as well as a perfect spot to build. 

Together, we entered into a partnership on a new steamflaked corn mill near Syracuse, Kansas. This partnership allowed for Cactus Feeders to increase its own production and established a supply of dairy feed for Scoular’s Southwest Kansas customers.

Now we have the ability to deliver fresh steamflaked corn feed from a trusted source to our dairy customers, seven days a week.