Pet Food Ingredients

A safe and reliable ingredient supply

We offer customized solutions based on our customers’ label specs, including access to a wide range of high-nutritional value proteins. Our 30+ years of end-to-end experience in the pet food market give us expert insight into the best ways to source, move and handle these ingredients. Plus, our indirect, wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary, Petsource, provides comprehensive freeze-dried pet food manufacturing capabilities for ultimate quality control.

The Scoular difference:

High standards

We work directly with suppliers to ensure ingredient production meets regulatory requirements, as well as our own quality standards. Our innovative products and practices allow us to secure, trace and verify the entire supply chain for many of our products.

Sustainable options

We do our part to offer ingredients sourced sustainably and ethically, including fishmeal certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


We follow the Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines closely along with global and national food safety board regulations to ensure our customers are getting products that represent them well in the market.

Golden Retriever and grey cat eating from bowl together

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Product development

Our in-house experts can help develop recipes that meet our customers' nutritional requirements and goals.


Our deep relationships enable us to play a role in the entire process, from supplying raw ingredients to ensuring quality.


We use our longstanding industry knowledge to help ingredient suppliers reach more markets.

Storage and transportation

Using our mastery of logistics and best-in-class facilities, we responsibly store and transport our customers' ingredients in any quantity and packaging.

Food safety and quality

We verify the supply chain to make sure the qualifications of the supplier meet the standards of the pet food industry.
Petsource is an indirect, wholly owned, and independently operated pet food manufacturing subsidiary that manages product development, procurement expertise, meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging. By combining all the steps of the freeze-drying process under one roof, we’re able to offer custom solutions and reliable supply that meet our high standards of safety and quality. Contact us to learn more about Petsource by Scoular.

Customer story

Expanding protein options with high nutritional value by providing a trusted source for salmon meal

We’re constantly developing relationships that can add value to our customers. When pet food customers came to us looking for fresh, quality and highly nutritional salmon products, we sought out a partner they could trust.

In 1995, we identified our producer partner, Fiordo Austral, who pioneered and developed a process to manufacture a high-nutrition value salmon protein that would bring a recognizable ingredient to labels.

Our supply chain management abilities coupled with this innovative technology has helped deliver a reliable supply of salmon meal to pet food customers for over 25 years.