Functional Proteins

About our functional protein products

We offer functional protein ingredients to ensure the right characteristics for your pet food. Our functional protein ingredients are available in organic and MSC-certified options. If you have a different need, let us know. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.


Fish Solubles

Fish solubles are a coproduct of the fish oil and canning industries. Fish solubles are high in water-soluble vitamins and are available in condensed or dried varieties.

Guar Meal

Guar meal is a coproduct from the production of guar gum. It's a mixture of germs and hulls and is a protein-rich ingredient for aquafeed, animal feed and pet foods.


Lipid-Extracted Algae

Lipid-extracted algae is a co-product of the production of biofuel from algae. Once the fats are removed, the biomass that is left still has a high protein level, making it an ideal solution for pet foods, aquafeed and animal feed.

Black Soldier Fly Meal

Black soldier fly meal is a sustainable protein ingredient for feed, aquaculture and pet food applications. It is a palatable, hypoallergenic and easily digestible protein.

single cell protein

Single-Cell Protein

Single-cell protein is derived from microbial single-cell proteins, often used to reduce biological oxidation demands of streams leaving various agricultural processing plants. Single-cell protein has a high nucleic acid content and is a good alternative ingredient for aquafeed diets.

Brewers yeast


Yeast is a coproduct from the brewing of beer. The yeast is removed after the brewing process and made inactive by means of organic acids. Yeast is high in nucleic acids and can be used as a replacement for fish meal in aquafeed diets for salmonids and sea bass.

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