About our barley products

No matter how you’re planning to use a barley product, all of our grains are high quality and sourced according to our standards. We offer various types of barley to choose from, including identity-preserved and organic. If you have a different need, let us know. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Hulled barley seeds

Hulled Barley

This affordable variety of barley is minimally processed in order to remove as much of the outer hull as possible without disturbing the bran beneath it.

Malting barley beans

Malting Barley

There are many uses for malting barley, from distilling alcohol and brewing beer to making malted syrups, breakfast foods and even animal feeds.

Hulless barley beans

Hulless Barley

This is a high-protein variety, often used for swine and poultry feed. In hulless barley, less processing means the full germ and bran is retained, so it classifies as a whole grain.

Feed Barley beans

Feed Barley

We offer barley as a product for feeding livestock such as cattle.

Barley Value-Added Products

Barley flour

Barley Flour

We offer barley flour as a pet food ingredient.

Barley Protein Concentrate

Emerge is an exclusive product that supports sustainable aquaculture practices and clean pet food formulations. It’s the only innovative, barley protein concentrate and is environmentally friendly, traceable and non-GMO.

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