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As a leading global pet food ingredient supplier, we source a full range of wet and dry pet food ingredients in a variety of formats. With our supply-chain strength and product expertise, we provide customized solutions to meet your consumers’ demand for supply-chain transparency, as well as safe, high-quality and nutritious pet food.

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Encompass is our global fishmeal business with completely customized marine protein solutions. Depending on your product specifications and desired quality, we can source and deliver proteins any time of year from over 40 countries and regions around the world.


Emerge is an exclusive product that supports sustainable aquaculture practices and clean pet food formulations. It’s the only innovative, barley protein concentrate and is environmentally friendly, traceable and non-GMO.

Beef broth & stock

Animal Broths & Stocks

Our broths and stocks are sourced from certified organic sources from a variety of animals to obtain the exact flavor enhancement and nutritional value for your pet food recipe.

Animal Meals

When it comes to the quality of your pet food, the digestibility plays a major role. Our nutrient-packed animal protein meals can help nourish a healthy digestive system in pets when included in your pet food recipe.

Fats & Oils

Our fats and oils are specially designed to increase palatability while providing a better taste and an enjoyable experience for pets.

Flours & Starches

Flours, Fibers & Starches

Our flours, fibers and starches offer a hypoallergenic and non-GMO option to ensure the desired characteristics for your pet food recipes.

freeze-dried meats from Petsource by Scoular


Freeze-dried, minimally processed pet food ingredients are designed to deliver high levels of protein while utilizing minimal ingredients.

Frozen Fish & Meats

Tailored for high-meat-inclusion SKUs, our frozen fish and specialty meats are sustainable, traceable and globally sourced.

Cat eating

Functional Proteins

With access to global markets, we provide functional protein ingredients to add supporting nutrients and a balanced amino acid profile to your pet food formula.


Our gums are widely used in pet food applications for their gelling and thickening properties.

Dog eating

Protein Concentrates & Isolates

Our grain-free and plant protein ingredients offer a hypoallergenic and non-GMO option to pet food manufacturers.

Dry Petfood

Spray-Dried Ingredients

Our spray-dried ingredients are certified organic and hypoallergenic, an ideal solution for flavor enhancing in pet food and aquaculture food blends.

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