Community Involvement

About The Scoular Foundation

The Scoular Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life in the communities where Scoular employees live and work.

We prioritize giving to programs that enrich those communities and help people meet basic human needs. We also support the philanthropic passions of our employees and business partners.

The Scoular Foundation guiding principles

Our trustees abide by eight guiding principles as they seek to deploy the resources of the Foundation:

  • Support organizations, programs, and projects in communities where Scoular employees and business partners work and live.
  • Partner with our employees and business partners to give to organizations that meet basic human needs or reflect passions of our employees or business partners.
  • Donate to causes where the company and its employees have an opportunity to be an active partner in driving meaningful impact and change.
  • Seek opportunities where we can actively engage with organizations in their charitable work, either as a company or through our employees by leveraging their time and talent.
  • Drive connectivity between the Foundation’s giving and Scoular’s sustainability pillars, focusing in areas where we can have true impact for environmental, social, and employee engagement focused initiatives.
  • Implement strategies that enable the Foundation to develop and further its impact year-over-year with a goal of value creation and value preservation.
  • Develop and support personal connections to the causes the Foundation supports and foster those relationships as part of the Foundation’s work, including by encouraging employees to serve in leadership roles in philanthropic organizations.
  • Be mindful of our history as an agricultural company and avoid support for organizations that do not align with production agriculture or our key stakeholders, including our employees.

How we give

There is tremendous power behind a company committed to giving back to the communities where its employees, customers and business partners live and work. Community projects are completed. Farmers’ livelihoods are supported. Local classrooms are stocked. Children and families are fed. Extra pairs of helping hands are provided. The list goes on. 

At Scoular, we take pride in the reach of our impact. We are committed to engaged corporate citizenship and are willing to back that up. Sometimes that means employees showing up by the dozens to volunteer. Sometimes that means funding much-needed community initiatives.Whatever the need, communities where our employees and partners live and work can count on Scoular to be there and to make a difference. Based on employee requests, funds are distributed directly to 501(c)(3) organizations that serve Scoular communities. Wherever you find us, you’ll find us giving back, especially to organizations where our people are personally involved.

Scoular is also committed to supporting the international communities where our employees, customers and business partners live and work. Due to tax regulations, Foundation requests and funds are limited to donations made to U.S. registered 501(c)(3) organizations; however, Scoular leadership continues to encourage company-wide giving opportunities identified and supported by our international business units.


Illinois facility, producers team up on 'Grain for the Cure' fundraiser

Community and compassion drove fundraising by employees and farmers at Scoular’s facility in Waverly, Illinois.

A local producer launched “Grain for the Cure,” letting producers via our facility and others donate proceeds from grain sales to Simmons Cancer Institute in nearby Springfield during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Scoular’s facility raised $4,598 and the Scoular Foundation provided a match, for a total $10,000 donation. Says Scoular employee Joni Gray: 

“This effort is near and dear to my heart because I lost my sister to breast cancer. It was heartwarming to do this in her honor.”


From clothing to Legos: Minneapolis employees, Scoular Foundation boost families with holiday gifts

Scoular’s Minneapolis office is a hard-working team—even when it comes to gift giving. The office partners with the Model Cities organization to provide holiday gifts for families in need.

Employees, using their own money and Scoular Foundation funding, bought and wrapped over $4,000 worth of gifts during a recent holiday season for over 60 children and young adults, providing everything from clothing to Legos. 

The office organized a “wrapping party,” sampled holiday treats and played holiday music.

“Everyone really got into the holiday spirit of giving!” says employee Michelle Paine.


Scoular donation inspires heart-shaped thank you from Canadian school

A heart drawn in pink chalk with “Thank You” in the middle sums up how a school in Canada felt about a Scoular donation. Scoular donated $1,500 to complete a chalkboard wall in a new outdoor classroom at Sedley School in Saskatchewan. 

A goal of the space: educate students on what’s best for the environment. Scoular works with area growers, and many have children attending the school.

“This donation not only gives the current children a place to learn,” a Scoular employee says, “but also future generations.”

Here to help

If you would like more information about The Scoular Foundation and its giving programs, please contact your local Scoular office.

Unsolicited requests for funding are welcome, but such requests will only be considered secondary to internally generated requests, subject to available time and funding availability.