Our Commitments

Committed to our values

We know that our reputation is critical to our success and that reputation is earned through our interactions with our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors and others. 

Today’s business environment is complex and constantly changing. However, one thing that will never change is our belief that maintaining our good reputation depends on each of us being personally responsible for our conduct. 

Our commitment to safety, integrity and upstanding business conduct is not situational. We expect our actions to be consistent with these commitments at all times.

Our Code of Conduct is a guide for all members of the Scoular community on the standards we are all expected to reach, as well as specific laws, regulations and policies. 

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Grain truck dumping load at processing plant

Committed to workplace safety

We understand the critical role we play in the supply chain, so we’re committed to ensuring a safety culture throughout our company. Everyone is encouraged to be a part of safety meetings, reviews, assessments, observations or identification of hazards in the workplace.

Safety at Scoular We believe safety at Scoular is a value and not a priority that changes. Safety is non-conditional, meaning it‘s not part of the process but it is the process in which we conduct business. Quality assurance, food safety and occupational safety are not cost centers but business partners in our culture. Safety in the field We continuously improve our programs and expectations through an annual audit process. We’re consistently developing new ways to communicate safety, such as using our ScoularView app to send push notifications to our farmers and producers about safety on the farm or in their workplace.
Food Technicians

Committed to food safety

Safety in the food supply chain

We are aware of the critical role we play in the supply chain and are committed to ensuring food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance via leadership, experience and establishing a strong food safety culture within.

Our food safety, quality and regulatory team is committed to continuous learning to identify best practices, implement them within our operations and promote them within our supply chain. Our team has worked to develop and implement best practices in quality management such as:

  • Establishing supplier quality expectations
  • Implementing a supplier risk assessment and continuous supplier monitoring
  • Creating product quality and technical standards
  • Ensuring product traceability


Our team assesses our suppliers’ capabilities to produce safe and high-quality products that are compliant with the applicable regulations and our own food safety and quality standards.

Our products are subjected to a comprehensive science-based risk assessment to ensure that preventive controls are established to meet and exceed our customers’ food safety and quality expectations. 

Our certifications include:


Committed to diversity and inclusion

Diversity means difference

We believe diverse thinking makes us smarter and leads to more creative decisions that deliver better results. We think broadly about all our differences that lead to diverse thinking. 

Differences can include race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and gender identity, veteran status, religion or spiritual beliefs, political beliefs, other ideologies and perspectives, geographical background and the varying experiences people bring to the workplace. 

We welcome these differences and seek a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and markets.

Inclusion is belonging and uniqueness

We believe inclusiveness is about all employees feeling a sense of belonging that encourages them to bring their uniqueness to the group. True inclusion means all employees feel comfortable being their full self at work and feel that their differences are not only accepted but also celebrated.

How we are taking steps to increase our diversity and build on a culture of real inclusion for all employees

Some of the exciting things we are doing to evolve and grow our culture in this space include:
  • Creating a cross-functional Diversity and Inclusion Council of employees, led by our Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Human Resources.
  • Providing ongoing training, awareness and discussion opportunities for a variety of stakeholders, including the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Participating in the Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s CODE Coalition, committing to development in the Omaha community.
  • Developing diversity and inclusion goal requirements for the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Developing Scoular Talks, a series of roundtable discussions for all employees. Some themes include: Understanding Systemic Racism and Allyship.
  • Developing and kicking off our employee resource groups, Scoular Women Influencing Culture (“SWIC”), Scoular Proud Ally Network, Scoular Ethnicities and People of Color and Scoular Emerging Leaders Organization.

Committed to giving back

We’re focused on driving meaningful impact and positive change in our communities. Through The Scoular Foundation and donations given by our international offices, our organization has donated generously with a designated percentage of profit before taxes, along with many hours of volunteer time to help meet the needs of philanthropic organizations in the cities and towns where our employees live and work. Read more about The Scoular Foundation.
Scoular Habitat for Humanity Volunteers