The Women of Scoular

Empowering women in agriculture

We are proud of the women at Scoular and all they bring to the table for our company and the advancement of our industry. Scoular makes significant investments in developing and fostering a culture of inclusion and development for the women in agriculture through our employee resource group, Scoular Women Influencing Culture (SWIC).

Through the support of its members and allies, SWIC creates significant advancement, learning and growth opportunities—empowering and engaging women in transformative ways, personally and professionally.


Recognition & Visibility

We establish a stronger culture of recognition and empowerment for women at Scoular and their accomplishments.

Collaboration & Support

We provide rich opportunities to connect with one-another to build robust networks and support systems.

Community Engagement

We seek to strengthen our connections and support of external communities, in agribusiness and beyond.

Education & Communication

Our members and allies create spaces for honest and open dialogue.


We promote, advocate for, and encourage SWIC members across the organization.

Scoular Women Influencing Culture (SWIC)

Scoular Women Influencing Culture (SWIC) is Scoular’s inaugural employee resource group. SWIC is focused on harnessing the collective resources of Scoular and its stakeholders to empower and engage our employees in transformative ways, personally and professionally.

SWIC promotes connectivity, creating opportunities for women and their allies to support and collaborate with each other across the organization, converse about the challenges and rewards of being a woman in the industry, and expand networks within and outside the agriculture industry.

SWIC creates a culture of true inclusion for the women of Scoular, the women who do business with Scoular, and their allies, creating significant advancement opportunities for those women, while also serving as a visible leader of inclusion for women in the agricultural industry and in our communities.
Megan Belcher, Executive Sponsor of SWIC
Chief Legal & External Affairs Officer and Board Member

Scoular Women Leading

Scoular has been an incredible platform for me to thrive as a woman. The support and inclusivity of the leadership has encouraged me to make a strong impact. Contributing to SWIC is empowering; we uplift each other. Strong allies have amplified the voice of strong females, propelling us towards greater success and equality.

Surabhita Tripathi

IT Manager — Singapore

Through SWIC, I have had the privilege of learning from the amazing women who generously share their wisdom, experience, and passion with me. I’m eager to share this knowledge with my colleagues here in Mexico, and to support them in their own journeys of growth and empowerment.

Betty Ramirez

Merchant - Guadalajara, México

As a young woman working in agriculture, I am grateful for the incredible support from both my immediate colleagues and Scoular. SWIC and other resources provide us with a platform to grow, collaborate, and learn together. 

Luisa Thimesch

General Clerical — Pratt, Kansas

My career path has touched many areas of ag; the diversity of options in this industry provides great learning opportunities. Many leaders influenced me to tackle new challenges. I love helping other individuals fuel their interests with an encouragement towards saying “Yes” to new projects!

Amy Patterson

President, Petsource by Scoular — Seward, Nebraska

Connecting and creating networks of support are strengths of the women at Scoular. Among other things, these inspire teamwork and close collaboration, which lead to outstanding performance and company value, and a great place to work.

Kelli Eickhoff

SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer — Omaha, Nebraska

Scoular fosters an environment of personal and professional growth for those who seek it. Most importantly, Scoular supports my passion for giving back to communities. Through The Scoular Foundation, all employees can make a positive impact on many different fronts and change lives for the better.

Ulrike McLellan

Facility Manager — Windsor, Virginia

My involvement with SWIC has been invaluable. SWIC provides opportunities to learn from and form strong connections with our peers and leaders within Scoular. The positive impact of this initiative will be felt not just in our company, but the industry as a whole. I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Sara Start

Merchant — Saskatoon, Canada

I am forever thankful to the leadership of Scoular for fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusion. SWIC specifically has redefined the realm of possibility for me as a woman in an industry that has been historically male dominated. Through SWIC, the women of Scoular have provided me with an internal support system that meets me where I stand and helps carve avenues toward my future aspirations.   

Elisha O'Brien

Legal Administrative Assistant — Omaha, Nebraska

Surabhita Tripathi
Betty Ramirez
Luisa Thimesch
Amy Patterson
Kelli Eickhoff
Ulrike McLellan
Sara Start
Elisha O'Brien

Thought Leadership

Scoular women in the news

The women of Scoular imagine the art of the possible. Read our latest features, thought leadership pieces and press releases to learn about the influential people at Scoular and their impact. 


Thought leadership

The women of Scoular help reimagine the art of the possible. Read our latest features, thought leadership pieces and press releases to learn about the influential people at Scoular and their impact. 

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Defining what's possible

The hats the women of Scoular wear are diverse: board members, executives, leaders, collaborators, innovators and culture creators. One of the true strengths of our company is that we offer our talent the ability to truly experience the art of the possible—for themselves and for their careers.

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