Aquafeed Ingredients

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We supply key ingredients to aquafeed producers and find the best end-use markets for aqua-ingredient producers around the world.


Encompass is our global fishmeal business with completely customized marine protein solutions. Depending on your product specifications and desired quality, we can source and deliver proteins any time of year from over 40 countries and regions around the world.

Animal Meals

When it comes to the quality of your aquafeed, the right nutritional mix plays a major role. Our nutrient-packed animal protein meals can help establish the right nutritional balance when included in your aquafeed recipe.

Fats & Oils

Our fats and oils are specially designed to provide essential fatty acids and improve the energy contribution to your aqua feed formulas.


Functional Proteins

With access to global markets, we provide functional protein ingredients to add supporting nutrients and a balanced amino acid profile to your pet food formula.

Protein Concentrates & Isolates

Our grain-free and plant protein ingredients offer a hypoallergenic and non-GMO option to aquafeed manufacturers.

Fish Feed

Spray-Dried Ingredients

Our spray-dried ingredients are certified organic and hypoallergenic, an ideal solution for flavor enhancing in pet food and aquaculture food blends.

Barley protein ingredient

Emerge is an exclusive product that supports sustainable aquaculture practices and clean pet food formulations. It’s the only innovative, barley protein concentrate and is environmentally friendly, traceable and non-GMO.

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