Sourcing and delivering the quality you need

With logistics and supply chain expertise, Scoular is your direct source for distilling grain ingredients with a proven track record of meeting the industry’s high level of quality and service requirements. With non-GMO options available, you can count on Scoular to provide competitive prices, reliable customer service, and the expertise to find the best markets to supply your grain needs.


Local, farmer relationships

Through our local relationships with farmers we provide increased traceability to the commodities our distilling partners need.

Logistical expertise & supply chain management

We're experts not only in grain, but also transportation logistics, operations and risk management.

Competitive pricing

With 130+ years of grain buying history, count on Scoular to provide competitive prices on commodity grains.

Reliability, high level of customer service

Scoular is a proven, trusted supplier providing quality grain ingredients into distillers.

High quality ingredients

Lean on our experienced teams to source and deliver the best distilling ingredients, including non-GMO options.

Strong network & capacity

With locations across the United States and Canada that process and transport in large volumes, our network can deliver on-time, consistent quantities to meet your needs.

Producer partners

Scoular has a strong legacy of supplying grain into distilleries. Providing competitive corn, rye and wheat bids, we are eager to buy more grain from more growers. We also have strong partnerships with seed breeders and can help you acquire seed and agronomic advice. Let us be your connection to the large network of distillers. Contact us to learn more.

Brewers & distillers

Scoular’s comprehensive grain marketing services for brewers grain and distillers grain, or spent grains, means you have access to consistent offtake agreements to decrease overhead. Extend your opportunity into new markets and increase your revenue through our executional expertise.