About our wheat products

Wheat is a staple food crop for humans and is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. It is used in many feed and food applications, from the milling of flour, cereal manufacturing, as well as distillery and brewery applications. We offer a variety of types of wheat to choose from, including identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO options. If you have a different need, let us know. We’d be happy to help you find a solution.

Hard Red Wheat

Hard Red Winter

Hard red winter wheat is a multiuse grain with moderately high protein content and is an excellent choice for milling and baking. HRW is usually used as an improver in blending. In addition to making bread flour, it is also used in Asian noodles, hard rolls and flat breads.

soft white wheat

Soft White Wheat

Soft white wheat is a low-moisture grain with soft kernel texture and low protein content and is excellent for milling. Soft white wheat is a brighter and whiter product used in Asian-style noodles, cakes and pastries.

Soft Red Winter Wheat

Soft Red Winter

Soft red winter wheat contains low to medium levels of protein and soft endosperm, making it suitable for use in the milling of flour such as cake, pastry and self-raising. We offer identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO options.

Hard white wheat

Hard White Wheat

Hard white wheat is lighter in color and tends to have a sweeter taste over traditional red wheats and is used in the milling flour for yeast breads, hard rolls and pasta. We offer identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO options.

Dark Northern spring wheat

Dark Northern Spring

Dark northern spring wheat is a premium classification of hard red wheat that has 75% more dark, hard and vitreous kernels and a minimum of 14% protein levels, making it an ideal choice for bakers and flour millers. We offer identity-preserved, organic and non-GMO options.

Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat

Canadian Western Red

Canadian western spring wheat is a hard red spring wheat grown in western Canada and harvested in the spring. It's a superior milling and baking quality wheat with three milling grades and various guaranteed protein levels. It's ideal alone or in blends for hearth breads, steamed breads, noodles, flat bread or common wheat pasta.

Wheat Coproducts


Wheat DDGS

We offer wheat distiller's dried grains as a wheat coproduct for use as an animal feed for the livestock and animal feed manufacturing industry.

Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is the outer layer of the wheat kernel and an excellent source of dietary fiber, particularly insoluble fiber.

Wheat Midds

Wheat Midds

We offer wheat midds as a wheat coproduct in animal feed for the livestock and animal feed manufacturing industries.

Feed wheat

Feed Wheat

We offer wheat as a feed product for our livestock and animal feed manufacturers.

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