About Emerge

Bolster your high-protein aquaculture feed and pet food product formulations with a novel protein ingredient that’s nutrient-dense and environmentally friendly. Emerge is made from sustainably grown barley and created exclusively by Scoular through our patented production process. So, in addition to an innovative and consistent product, you’re getting access to grower transparency, category expertise and verifiable traceability all along the agricultural supply chain.

Made from barley


Palatable flavor and natural color


Highly digestible

Made in the USA

Emerge for aquaculture


Concentrated barley protein helps support and facilitate sustainable aquaculture practices. Plus, the proprietary process we use to make Emerge doesn’t use any acids or solvents. 

A commercial farm fed Emerge to over 375,000 trout from juvenile stage through harvest. The Emerge trout had identical growth to the trout that consumed a fishmeal diet. The flesh color and taste were identical too. They also found that Emerge’s low phosphorus content and high digestibility supports cleaner water quality.

High phosphorus bioavailability

Maintains healthy fish color and taste

Supports cleaner water quality

Emerge for pet food

Independent trial results

Pet owners looking for clean label ingredients will be happy you chose Emerge. In product formulations, you can count on Emerge to deliver a neutral flavor and natural color with no change in palatability. It also has low phytic acid levels, which improves protein digestibility and utilization.

In product trials, dogs chose the product formulation containing Emerge 2:1 over other vegetable- and
plant-based proteins.


dry matter digestibility


protein digestibility (exceeds AAFCO standards of at least 80%)


as palatable or more palatable compared to other high-performing diets in trials

Our patented production process

Our USA-based facility follows the highest food safety and quality standards to ensure a consistent and reliable product.


We start with whole barley kernels that are sustainably grown. Compared to other grains, barley requires less water and fertilizer.


The protein and fiber are naturally separated and protected from heat damage. No acids or solvents are utilized.


The result is a clean, dense and consistent protein ingredient that’s flavor neutral, natural in color and highly digestible.


Naturally occurring phosphorus becomes highly bioavailable for aquaculture and pets. The final product is a clean label protein solution.
Sustainability Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility

Our 15,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is in Jerome, Idaho—the leading state for barley production in the US. Currently, our facility can process approximately 2 million bushels with room to expand. In keeping with our sustainable practices, this facility is energy efficient and minimizes waste water. No part of the barley goes to waste. We take whole barley from local growers and transform it into new value-added products.


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